6 KVA Online UPS

Normally Single phase 6 kva ups is installed wherever the load is 6kva. Very rarely the load is of Three Phase in nature.

We manufacturer following type of 6 kva UPS

1. 6 kva UPS - Single Phase Input, Single Phase Output

Online UPS 6 KVA Price

There is a big difference in Three Phase 6 kva UPS Price and Single Phase 6kva UPS Price.

ups 6 kva price (3 Phase Input and 3 Phase Output) will be higher as compared to 6 kva UPS (3 Phase Input and 1 Phase Output) because it contains Three Transformers at the Output, Three Sets of IGBT and many protection devices.

5kva UPS

Most of the customers don’t know the difference between Three Phase and Single Phase.

Whenever we get a call, customers ask us for a ups 6 kva Price. Our Experts next question is about the phase and explain to him the difference between Three phase and Single Phase.

Application of 6 KVA UPS

It is used normally with following machines

Computer/IT Load

CNC Machine

Embroidery Machine

Laminating Machines

And with many more other machines………...


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